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Pay per Click Campaigns

In today's competitive e-commerce environment, the use of carefully chosen and managed pay-per-click search terms and bid positions must be considered as part of a well-planned website marketing strategy.

The most well-known and widely used pay per click programs are found at Overture (formerly goto.com), http://www.overture.com/d/about/advertisers/, and more recently, Google's AdWords Select program found at https://adwords.google.com/select. With the debut of Google, the most widely used search engine, into the pay-per-click arena, competition between the two has sparked increased interest in paid keyword advertising among many e-commerce and B2B website owners.
    Your business can now be ranked in top positions across a network of participating search engines -- AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Lycos, Altavista, InfoSpace, Excite, CNET, NBCi, Hotbot, and 1000's of smaller partners for an unlimited number of search terms that are relevant YOUR products and services.
Recent developments concerning partnership agreements include America Online signing a contract with Google allowing them to provide search results and the ads that appear next to them, displacing the ad results previously provided by Overture. Softening the blow to Overture was the announcement that it has signed a three year renewal contract with Yahoo! and will continue to provide ads for AOL Europe. Search results provided by Google will start appearing on AOL and CompuServe subscription services and the AOL and Netscape web sites starting this summer.
    If your goal is to build visibility on search engines quickly,consideration of a pay-per-click option is essential. No other route can put you in the top results of many major search engines in such a short period of time.

Owl's Eye has been working closely with our clients to determine if the pay-per-click model works them, and if so, to help determine ideal search terms, clickthrough budget, and traffic influx. To optimize all the variables that go into a successful advertising campaign, we need to collaborate closely during the first month or two to ensure that we fully understand the business goals of each website.

Given the nature of today's competitive business environment, your time is most likely stretched to a maximum. Owl's Eye effectively allows you to focus on your core business while using your website to capture new potential customers. Upon starting your account, you will have a dedicated account manager who will be responsible for monitoring your bids and listings, making changes as necessary to meet your needs, preparing statistical reports for your pay per click account(s) and answering any questions you may have along the way.

How It Works
A "search term" is the exact word or phrase users will type in to find your product or service. Owl's Eye's account manager will help you determine how your business terms are translated into cost-effective targeted search phrases, analyzing factors such as relative popularity and bid cost over a broad range of potential search terms to help you budget realistically.Your "bid" for each search term determines how much you will pay when an interested user clicks on your listing and visits your website. If they don't visit your website, you don't pay. Generally speaking listings are ranked using the methodology of the higher the bid, the higher the rank.

Features OvertureGoogle
Bids vs. PositionDetermined by market value; bid higher than your competitor, appear in higher position; top 3 bids buys top 3 positions in Overture and on partner sites.

Bids can be adjusted on an as needed basis with instant response times.

Listings appear on the top of the regular search results, appearing as regular listings in groups of 3.
Determined by daily spend amount and maximum bid amount; adjustments in either will affect position and number of times ad is seen.

If multiple ads created for same keyword, ads rotated with the one with the highest CTR (click thru rate) being shown most often.

AdWords Select listings appear on the right hand side of regular search results in groups of up to 8.

Premium advertiser ads appear at the top of the search results, oftentimes in our experience without relevance.
Major Partners
(as of this writing)
Info Space
ListingsListings created with titles and 190 character long descriptions; tracking URL feature is encouraged.

Listings approved by human editors, taking several days to appear. Position determined strictly by relative bid amount, ad is always seen as long as it's in the top 3.

Edit, delete feature for listings has an instant response. No reinstatement of listings without going through approval process again.

Syntax feature limited mostly limited to keyword variations such as plurals.
Listings created with very short titles and descriptions. Multiple listings allowed for each keyword. Listings approved by human editors, taking several days to appear. Tracking URL feature also encouraged.

Click through rate determines ad's viability and frequency of display. If it doesn't pull 5 click-throughs per thousand, it will be suspended by Google.

Edit, delete and add feature for listings happens instantly. There is a pause feature allowing temporary suspension of listings.

Syntax feature allows for wild cards, phrase matches, exact matches and negative keywords.
ToolsSearch suggestion tool for seeing relative popularity for keywords searched on Overture.

Bid tool for managing bids.
Keyword Suggestion Tool provides you with a list of common search terms that are variations on or are otherwise related to your keyword.

We also need to stress that one's website needs to be in topnotch form to entice those viewers clicking through to your website to act accordingly, whether that means filling out a form or making purchases. Web content is king-attractive design, ease of navigation with no obstacles to getting your viewer to where you want him/her is part of any good web advertising campaign-if you're spending to get viewers, make sure you're giving them what they want when they get there.

If you feel your website does not professionally represent your business to the millions of people using the Internet everyday, please contact us at 888-OWLSEYE (695-7393). We also provide many other quality services including website hosting, e-commerce, and database development. Please visit our portfolio for examples of our website designs.

Owl's Eye will be watching very closely how these two major players evolve in the pay per click arena. With the new partnership between Google and AOL, it certainly means that high rankings in Google's search results will be most important, as evidenced by the announcement immediately following the partnership agreement that only the top 3 positions in Google would be reported on the AOL site. Higher bid prices and more stringent editorial control may also follow. How this will affect the Overture system, if at all, remains to be seen.

Please contact us or call 727-490-9750 so that we can fully explain the benefits related to your business, as well as answer any questions you may have about our services.